Tracking Inventory and Much More...

BioTrackTHC technology is evolving the cannabis industry in a way that will influence changes to federal law. By offering commercial solutions, real-time state traceability solutions, and a patient registry system, BioTrackTHC technology far exceeds every other cannabis POS business solutions.

Our POS system and dispensary software assigns a unique 16 digit barcode to each plant from the moment cultivation begins. The plant receives a new barcode every time it enters a new stage in the plant life cycle while still being linked to the original barcode. Each plant is scanned every time it needs to be assigned to a different room in the grow house. Multiple rooms can be created in the grow house to designate the various stages of the grow phase, separate plant components, separate clones, or separate plants designated for destruction. The system also allows growers to determine which mother plants produce the highest yields or learn which strains have the best production output. With BioTrackTHC, the possibility of maximizing grow operations has never been greater!

The BioTrackTHC system uses biometric chain of custody tracking for all products in inventory. The system records the name, date and time of the employee who handled the plant, allowing all warehouse activity to be tracked. The POS system tracks all cannabis by-products from harvest. This includes stems, leaves, shake or kief. Our streamline approach allows users to batch plant components together before they are processed to make other products or destroyed. The components are tracked and weighed, ensuring user compliance and real-time visibility with regulatory agencies.

BioTrackTHC monitors the entire transportation process, regulating each plant’s compliance before it’s shipped to the dispensaries. Before the plant can leave the distribution center, it must pass Quality Assurance testing. The system generates a transportation manifest once QA testing is passed and the shipment is prepared for transport. If the manifest isn’t generated, the system will not allow transport to proceed. The manifest contains truck information, driver information, destination routes and additional notes for transport. The shipment is weighed with integrated scales to ensure accurate and consistent data.

As an added feature, all patient history is saved in the system for an indefinite period of time. Patients can scan their driver’s license when they arrive to the dispensary, confirming that their information is correct and that the license hasn’t expired.

Finally, the BioTrackTHC POS system allows sales managers to enter customized price points for every strain. Based on the weight detected, the system instantly generates the charge to the customer. The “splitting” feature generates the price for multiple strains at a time. Every fraction of a gram is fully accounted for, ensuring full compliance for regulatory agencies.